We perform locally on Kauai, across the Hawaiian Islands, around the continental US, as well as internationally. Our venues include pre-shows for concerts, corporate events, luxury hotels, and private shows.

Some of our clients include:



Soul Fire- A Fantasy in Flames

“The newest entertainment option to hit Hawaii is so hot, that it is literally on fire!
Soul Fire is a dynamic, all-female troupe of fire dancers on Kauai. With a balance of complex choreography and exotic costuming, these dancers combine feminine grace, strength and power in their performances. Performance can be tailored to the tastes of your event for a unique experience every time. Each dancer skillfully weaves and manipulates fire into intricate patterns of light and hypnotic motion. The dances are a combination of several styles, mixing everything from Tahitian, Hip Hop, Jazz, Hula, salsa, contortion, Balinese and even Belly Dancing to create a truly one of a kind art form. The music merges jazz, techno, electro, and traditional world beat styles for an engaging sound track that is just as riveting as the dances themselves. Sets are performed by either  single dancer or as many as five dancers on stage at a time. All of these elements combine to create a stunning show of power and beauty.”
-Article in Entertainment Magazine

“Soul Fire is incredible! These ladies are inspiring, beautiful, professional, artistic and an absolute sight to see. The performers skill level is comparable to what you would see at Cirque du Soleil. The costumes and music, amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to experience a show of a life time.”
-Phil Jones, HI, Founder Pure Kauai, Inc.

“Skylar is a consummate professional and creative genius with top notch performers. My clients have expressed pleasure and wonder at the thrilling and beautifully choreographed and interactive entertainment options from Soul Fire. My experiences working with Soul Fire Productions have been positive and successful each and every time.”
-Wanda Sobel, June 27, 2011, Envisions Entertainment

“Soul Fire was a brilliant addition to our company event. The crowd was “wowed” by the performance, it was exciting, daring and entertaining. I would recommend Soul Fire as the entertainment for any event where you are looking for something extraordinary. Skylar was also great to work with and really took the time to follow up and personalize the show, so that it was perfect for my clients and the event. I would definitely hire these ladies again.”
-Morgan Childs, June 17, 2011, Moana Events

“I am delighted to write this testimonial on behalf of Soul Fire Productions. Envisions Entertainment & Productions, Inc. is a statewide event production company that has been providing top-shelf entertainment, pyrotechnics, prop, decor, technical support and product services through out the state of Hawaii for the past 14 years. Over the years we have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Soul Fire on many corporate and special events. They have performed for many of our distinguished and valued clients including Wells Fargo, BMC software, Countrywide, Kaiser Permanente, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Toyota just to name a few. Without exception, I have received nothing short of rave reviews which have translated into repeat business for both Soul Fire and us. In all of our business dealings, Skylar and Kaia of Soul Fire Productions have been consummate professionals. On stage, they have proven time and time again, to be extremely proficient in their trade, and true to their music and dance. Their performance demonstrate their steadfast commitment to perfection and tireless work ethic, blending dynamic world music and creative costuming with the grace, power and strength of tightly synchronized choreography and complex dance moves. Simply put- Soul Fire takes fire shows to the next level. Off stage, Soul Fire has always been consistently dependable and responsible, genuinely pleasant and courteous, and above all, ethical beyond reproach. For all of these reasons, I hold Skylar and Kaia and the Soul Fire cast in the highest of regard both as entertainers and as ladies and gentlemen, and offer this testimonial with great pleasure and with out equivocation. My very best wishes go out to this outstanding cast for all the success and joy this project brings them. Warmest Aloha,”
-Wayne Hikiji, President, Envisions Entertainment and Productions Inc.,