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Imagine the perfect night of relaxation, exclusive entertainment, and tailored services to make your experience on the Hawaiian Islands ideal for you. Soul Fire Productions will bring the excitement to you with unexpected tricks and fascinating performances that deliver a powerful, unforgettable experience.

Flaming hula hoops, fire staffs and fire umbrellas, music, elaborate costumes, drummers and Hawaiian Lore are all fused together in a modern twist, unlike any other combination of entertainment on the islands.

We are a group of world-class artists dedicated to exceeding expectations and taking performing arts to a new level, with service you can trust. We hope your experience with us becomes one of the best on Kaua’i, and leaves you looking forward to the next unforgettable night with us.

“In Honor of Goddess Pele”


If you want something unique and amazing this full choreographed 15 minute fire show is what you are looking for. Pele Muse, inspired by the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, has a Polynesian flavor with a contemporary modern flair. Incorporating multiple fire modalities like fire hula hoops, fire poi, fire staffs, fire blowing, fire umbrellas, along with tight choreography and an upbeat soundtrack to create a captivating experience. Performed at the highest caliber of entertainment, this show is one you will never forget!

1 to 5 Cast Member Show Available

Samoan Fire Knife Performances


These traditional Samoan fire performers use a single fire knife, into a double fire knife while Tahitian drummers play live. Edge of your seat stunts and pulsing drum beats bring the culture alive.

2 Samoan Fire Knife Dancers & 2 Drummers 


1 Samoan Fire Knife Dancer & 2 Drummers


We Provide:

10x10ft staging area within 10 ft of performance area

Trained professional fire safety techs

Carvin sound system

Professional trained fire dancers with liability insurance


We require a minimum 14’x14’ flat area


We will perform in light to moderate rain. In heavy rain or storms we will not perform due to the safety of our performers and guests. Soul Fire Productions will make the final decision for performing in inclement weather.

Cancellation Policy:

2  Weeks – 50% of Total Fee

48 hours-100% of Total Fee